Mark shares his relationship with God.

I am a Catholic who believes that Jesus is my Savior.

I am a transman, which is my gender identity, which has nothing to do with my faith of Jesus saving me!

Jesus only says to “love one another” – he doesn’t judge being trans, never even mentioning it. My relationship with the Lord is independent & irrelevant of how I feel inside as being a man or woman, etc.

As a Christian, we are simply asked to enter into the deepest relationship with God and Jesus as possible, which again, is immaterial to one’s gender. And labels don’t matter when it comes to receiving the joy of meeting Jesus in the Eucharist.

I believe & know that Jesus loves, supports, and accepts me as the good Christian that I am – one that is growing to be the best complete spiritual one I can be. In this way, God made me exactly who I am – and having to transition was part of His divine plan for me in being who I am.

I know that was the right decision because I feel at peace with it – and I’m not hurting anybody by doing so! In fact, I have become even closer to Jesus in this way and become a better Christian – God made everyone expecting them to use their gifts to glorify & love & serve Him, and to bear Christ to the world.

I can do that better as a transman than before, where I was unhappy, uncomfortable, and couldn’t love as much in my former self. Now he has my entire heart, mind, soul, and body, which He didn’t have before, in whole as He does now. I am most true to myself the way I am now, and can better reflect the Lord’s fulfillment in me.

And if it is in my destiny or another’s, I also see no reason why transgender individuals can’t be priests if they want to devote themselves to God in that special way. Otherwise, I am content being a role model to other Catholics, and other transgender individuals, as much as they can also be a blessing to me!

Why Remain Catholic?

Why Remain Catholic?

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