Terri and Rich’s story: Blessings!

Blessings! We are recipients of SO many. Our Faith, our Faith Community, the love and acceptance of our God. With hearts overflowing with gratitude we want to share a beautiful story made possible because of the gift of our precious son Scott, who happens to be gay.
In 1996 when Scott came out to us we were overwhelmed with a myriad of feelings; fear, pain, loss, hopelessness, shame, guilt, powerlessness, devastation and betrayal.
Today, thirteen years later, we continue to be amazed at the blessing Scott’s orientation is to our family.

After ten plus years of ministry to parents of LGBT children we have begun a new journey with our faith community. As a result of parishwide catechesis, two beautiful sets of same gender parents and their children have become our dear and precious friends.

The first gay family to touch our lives, Ron-Michael, his partner of 11 years, Anthony, and their precious son Nate (4) were joined by our second beautiful family, Ellyn, her partner of 6 years, Cathy, and their precious daughters, Grace (7) and Sophie (4). We have shared dinner with this “crew” on several occasions following our Saturday evening liturgy. We are privileged to call each friend and to share a deep love and mutual support with these families.

All three of the children are enrolled in our Parish Faith Formation Program. Ellyn tells this story;
A couple of weeks ago Grace and Sophie were sitting at the kitchen table creating beautiful works of art while Ellyn prepared dinner. In the midst of her art work Sophie said “Mom, I was thinking about Jesus’ family.” Ellyn asked “ … and what were you thinking?” Four-year-old Sophie responded, “Well, in Jesus’ family there were two dads, Joseph and God the Father, and then there was the birth-mom, Mary”
With great joy, Sophie then proclaimed:
“Mom, Jesus’ family is ‘just’ like Nate’s family”
And so there we have it. Out of the mouths of babes!
Terri and Rich Dalke

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