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We are Catholic parents with Lesbian (L), Gay (G), Bisexual (B), Transgender (T), Queer (Q), and Multiple LGBTQ (M) children supporting others like us to affirm, celebrate and seek equality for our families. Our faith journey calls us to strive for justice for all our children.

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Parents Prayer

Gracious, loving God, we believe all persons
are created in Your image.
We believe all of us belong to Your family.
We are Your kin-dom on earth.

Our hearts are heavy as some people
attempt to exclude from Your family
our daughters and sons who are
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.
We are pained by the brokenness in Your family

Inspired by Your unconditional love for all of us,
we believe our families are Fortunate Families
because all our children are
created in Your image.

Inspire us with Your Spirit
and bless us with energy to be
witnesses of love and compassion,
so justice may flow like a river
throughout our church and world.

We sing out with joy as Your ambassadors
of peace and love now and in the future.

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I wear a Rainbow because…


I believe  that the rainbow is a symbol of a promise from God

I believe we are all God’s children, and have an inheritance in that promise.

I believe that wearing it reminds those who would deny my child a place at God’s table that they don’t own the guest list.

I believe that wearing it gives hope to a gay youngster that there are adults who can love him/her.

I believe that wearing it gives parents an open door to talk to me about their gay children; and that leads to affirmed and healthy children.

I believe that it starts the conversation with those who are ignorant of the struggles of gay folk.

So, if you see me in your communion line with a rainbow cross, or pin, or peace sign; I would hope you realize that wearing the pin is my way of reaching out to the marginalized, and reminding them that they are welcome, loved.

When I serve as extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, I wear it to remind me not to judge anyone who comes forward, but instead to share with them the table of the Lord.

“We are all God’s children, God loves us all.”

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