Welcome to the Fortunate Families Book Club!

The Fortunate Families Book Club is an online-based discussion group that focuses on selected books, essays and writings that relate to the LGBT+ community and the Catholic Church. Our book club committee will choose a book or collection of essays and ask all of our members to read in preparation for peaceful, thought-provoking conversation, which will take place on our Goodreads discussion page and in live video sessions powered by Zoom. The topics will range from specific questions about the selection to broader topics that relate to the selection and the Catholic Church.

Click here for instructions on accessing the online discussion and the Zoom sessions. If you need help, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information regarding our rules and guidelines for online discussion, please refer to the following documents:

pdf Guidelines for online book discussion (87 KB)

pdf Guidelines for Zoom video discussion (87 KB)

Our next selection is Gay and Catholic: Accepting my Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith, by Eve Tushnet.  Ave Maria Press (2014)

Live sessions for this book will be October 15 and November 12. Click the image to order the book online.

Gay and Catholic book cover