Addressing LGBT Issues a Resource for Educators with Youth (Marianist Social Justice Collaborative)  

Always Our Children: A Pastoral Message to Parents of Homosexual Children and Suggestions for Pastoral Ministers. (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). The most gay-friendly official church document.

Answers to Your Questions About Transgender People, Gender Identity and Gender Expression (American Psychological Association)

pdf Answers to Your Questions for a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientations and Homosexuality (126 KB) (American Psychological Association)

pdf Born in Grace: Reflections on Gender-Diverse Children (118 KB) (James D. and Evelyn Eaton Whitehead)

pdf Bishop Thomas J Gumbleton On Primacy of Conscience (83 KB)

pdf Can My Son Be Gay and Catholic? (26 KB) (Casey Lopata)

Coming Home to Catholicism and to Self (Human Rights Campaign) A guide aimed at LGBTQ people of faith who hope to lead their faith communities toward a more welcoming stance, and those seeking a path back to beloved traditions.

pdf Conscience: Some Relevant Quotes (200 KB) (Fortunate Families)

pdf Ending Conversion Therapy--Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Youth (10.23 MB)  (USDHHS -- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

pdf God Gave Me a Gay Son and I Did Not Always Think It Was a Blessing (87 KB) (Tom Nelson)

pdf God Looks at the Heart: Diaconal Ministry with LGBT Youth and their Families (4.44 MB) (Mary Ellen and Casey Lopata)

pdf God’s Love Revealed: Reflections on Being a Catholic Mother (160 KB) (Mary Ellen Lopata)

Gude to Being a Trans Ally (PFLAG)

Guide to Being a Straight Ally (PFLAG)

Our Trans Loved Ones -- Questions and Answers for Parents and Friends if People Who are Transgender and Gender Expansive (PFLAG)

A Practitioner's Resource Guide: Helping Families to Support Their LGBT Children (Family Acceptance Project)

Equality Literacy 101 (Straight for Equality)

Supportive Families, Healthy Children (Family Acceptance Project)

pdf Talking Points for Catholic Parents (26 KB) (Fortunate Families)

pdf To Be or Not to Be: A Catholic Transsexual Speaks (251 KB) (Hilary Howes)