The Diocese of Memphis Catholic Ministry with Gay and Lesbian Persons was founded with this simple principle: We all want to be welcome at home, we all have a place at the table. Our Ministry hosts a potluck on the 1st Tuesday of the month, and we have a Parent Support Group that meets bimonthly.

Blessings! We are recipients of SO many. Our Faith, our Faith Community, the love and acceptance of our God. With hearts overflowing with gratitude we want to share a beautiful story made possible because of the gift of our precious son Scott, who happens to be gay.

Being a Catholic parent of one gay and one lesbian young adult has meant for me a long journey to understand how those two important portions of my identity can both be gifts. I am Catholic to the core of my being; I love the Church, the Eucharist, the liturgy, the Marianist family to which I belong.