from Loretta Fitzgerald (Volunteer | Raleigh, NC)

My reflections from time spent at the World Meeting of Families are numerous, but one of the encounters that challenged me the most involved a couple whose gay son was living elsewhere in a relationship that they deemed “perverted” and an obstacle to “eternal life”. I have given much thought since then as to what I might do differently if I could do it over. I thought more specifically about the mother rather than the father.

 from Tony Garascia (Board President | South Bend, ID)

Since attending the World Meeting of Families in September of this year I have been asked whether it was worth attending. Did we get our message across concerning our LGBT children? On the one hand this is a tough question to answer. We did represent our LGBT children and we did change some hearts, gain some support and also run into some opposition. On the other hand, I do think we made an impact.