from Tony Garascia (Board President | South Bend, ID)

Since attending the World Meeting of Families in September of this year I have been asked whether it was worth attending. Did we get our message across concerning our LGBT children? On the one hand this is a tough question to answer. We did represent our LGBT children and we did change some hearts, gain some support and also run into some opposition. On the other hand, I do think we made an impact.

from Beth Garacia (Boad Member, South Bend ID)

What a unique set of images come to mind as I remember the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia from September 22-25! Pope Francis as he bent over to bless a young boy in a wheelchair at the airport in Philly, the caped young men from the Irish Society for Christian Civilization on the sidewalks outside the convention center asking passersby to sign the filial appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis reaffirming Church teaching that homosexual unions are contrary to Divine and natural law, the rainbow flag at the Arch Street United Methodist Church welcoming us members of Equally Blessed (EB)to meet in their church, and the 20,000 people from all over the world—priests in long cassocks, sisters in full habits with wimples, Africans in colorful outfits from a variety of countries, and so many families with young children in tow. There was also the beautiful spot on the Delaware River where those of us from the board of Fortunate Families and several of our allies gathered each morning to pray. Our prayer together was definitely one of the bright spots in the four days we were there.