from Linda Karle-Nelson
It was a weekend overflowing with emotions! As Fortunate Families walked in the Motor City Pride parade with representatives of three Catholic churches and two PFLAG chapters which were formed as a result of a FF meeting.

The Board of Directors of Fortunate Families condemns the senseless murders of 50 and wounding of 53 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning. An act of terror and an act of hate, this is the deadliest shooting massacre our country has ever experienced. It has been reported that the shooter was enraged when he recently saw two men kissing.  Any reason used for destroying others needs to be denounced, but such an example of prejudice is especially offensive to us as parents of LGBT+ persons. Our children have the right to live, work and celebrate without fear, to create families of their own and worship in peace. We stand in solidarity with our children and all parents of LGBT+ persons as we remember those lost and those in pain. We are deeply saddened by this event, since we abhor violence of any kind, and we hold in prayer all children of God victimized by hatred – both perpetrators and victims.