“Listening Parents” are Catholic parents of a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender daughter or son who have graciously volunteered to listen to and share their personal experience with other parents. While the Listening Parents do not act as representatives of Fortunate Families, we know them as loving parents. If you contact a Listening Parent by e-mail, please be sure to put “Listening Parents” or “Fortunate Families” on the subject line, as unidentified e-mails may be discarded as junk mail. We welcome any feedback you care to provide on your experience of contacting a Listening Parent.

All viewers are invited to download, print, and display the brochure or the flyer wherever it will reach people who may need it — with permission from whoever has responsibility for the display area. Having copies available for people to take would be even better! We appreciate whatever you can do to get the word out about the Listening Parents Network.

This table contains Listening Parents with Transgender children.

Marcia and Ken Garber

Marcia and Ken Garber

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