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Listed below are articles and brochures you may find helpful whether you are a transgender person, a parent or relative of a transgender person, someone who ministers with transgender persons and/or their families, or someone who wants to know more about their transgender friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Their being listed does not necessarily mean that Fortunate Families agrees with all the views presented.

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American Psychological AssociationAnswers to Your Questions About Transgender Individuals and Gender IdentitySocial Sciences2006 Brochure
Cook, Ann Thompson"Made in God's Image"Gender DiversityPeople of faith are fond of saying that each of us is “made in God’s image,” but most of us have no idea how many people feel excluded from that because of their sex or gender. Are you willing to consider that what you’ve been taught and assume to be true about males and females simply doesn't fit the world as it really is?
Glaser, Rev. Chris"Gender Identity and Our Faith Communities: A Congregational Guide for Transgender Advocacy."Based on the contributions of transgender people, their families and clergy.
Howes, HilaryTo Be or Not to Be: A Catholic Transsexual SpeaksFirst appeared in Conscience, Vol. XXXI - No. 2, 2 2010.
Nathan SchneiderA nun's secret ministry brings hope to the transgender communitySupportAppeared in Aljazeera America March 2, 2014
Whitehead, James D. & Whitehead, Evelyn Eaton Born in Grace: Reflections on Gender-Diverse ChildrenSocial SciencesA December 2012 essay that concludes: "As church groups and religious institutions offer more gracious welcome to the sexual diversity in our midst, we will be enriched by now-unrecognized gifts of the transgender children and adults among us."


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