Our Programs

Fortunate Families offers opportunities for parents to meet other parents with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender daughters and sons and to talk about their common experience and concerns. Presentations are available for parents, pastoral ministers and faith communities.

Days of Reflection

A day of reflection is a chance for Catholic Parents of LGBT daughters and sons to come together in a safe, faith-filled environment.

  • Story Sharing
  • Prayer and reflection
  • Conversation and discussion
  • Learning opportunities
  • Resources
  • Socializing
  • Worship


Similar to a Day of Reflection, a retreat gives more time to explore parent’s questions for parents to share their journeys and get to know one another; to learn and discover resources and to worship together.


  • Can My Child be Lesbian/Gay and Catholic?
  • Breaking the Silence: Strategies for Ministry with Lesbian & Gay Catholics and Their Families
  • Fortunate Families: Nurturing Justice and Hope
  • Always Our Children: Church Teaching and Pastoral Ministry
  • God’s Love Revealed: Lesbian & Gay Persons and the Church
  • Gifted and Called for a Purpose in God’s Design: Welcoming Gay & Lesbian Catholics in Your Parish
  • Workshop on Moral Discernment and Homosexuality

For more information, consultation, or to discuss program possibilities, please contact us.

To see a schedule of events of possible interest, view our calendar page.

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