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Dec 2012 (PDF Version)

  • Newsletter News
  • Catholic Coalition Celebrates Historic Night for Marriage Equality – Equally Blessed
  • Knights of Columbus Spending Millions to Stop Marriage Equality – Equally Blessed
  • Day of remembrance honors transgender persons killed for their spiritual journeys – Whiteheads
  • The Emmaus Retreat – Covington
  • Getting the word out about Fortunate Families — Buccini

Oct-Nov 2012 (PDF Version)

• Campus Ministry Outreach Sparks Dialogue – Lopata
• Area groups offer support to parents of gay children –Davis
• Where There is Love – Matz
• Invitation to Dialog, and Response
• Did you know…???/Events/Thanks!
• Open letter to Archbishop of Florence

Sept 2012 (PDF Version)

  • Fortunate Families Board Meeting Report – Nelson
  • Boy Scouts’ discriminatory policy finds no support in Catholic teachings — Lopata
  • When Jesus healed a same-sex partner – Michaelson
  • Mark 3:20-35: What Makes a Family? – Skinner
  • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend-and other Maryland Catholics-Speak Out for Equality – DeBernardo
  • Catholic Church wrong on gay nuptials – Cahill
  • Did you know…???/Events/Thanks!

Aug 2012 (PDF Version) 

  • Building Healthy Families for LGBT Kids – Lopata
  • Gay Marriage: It Is Personal – Harader
  • Oakland Bishop seeks loyalty oath – Colbert
  • Faith Takes the Lead During Pride – Duddy-Burke
  • · Anderson Cooper Thanks God He’s Gay – Raushenbush
  • Did you know…???
  • Calendar/Thanks

July 2012 (PDF version) 

  • Reflection – Levine
  • Sacramental marriage beyond anatomy – Manson
  • God Looks at the Heart – Lopata
  • Note from a reader of the Deacon Digest
  • Seeing with heart – Hyland
  • Did you know…???
  • Calendar/Thanks/

June 2012 (PDF version) 

  • AOC Springtime in Billings — Maronick
  • This is my story — Fisher
  • This is our story – Barbara & John
  • Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues Testifies at Congressional Briefing – Duddy-Burke
  • Simplifying Sex — McGowan
  • Thanks, Tom!
  • Did you know…???
  • Calendar
  • Thanks!

May 2012 (PDF version)         

  • What Would Jesus Do About My Gay Son? – Saavedra
  • An ‘invitation to lunch’ pastoral theology – NCR editorial
  • When Your 7-Year-Old Son Announces, ‘I’m Gay’ – Amelia
  • “Coming Out” Talk – Anderson
  • Gay marriage ban would infringe on people’s rights – Dunn
  • Social Justice Fair – Buccini
  •  Follow the Prophets – Word

March-April 2012

  • Pride & Prejudice — Kristen  Hannum, US Catholic
  • The mamas & the papas   Kristen Hannum, US  Catholic
  • Transformed by God s Grace    Lorna Horishny
  • Couple helps Catholics with gay kids   Crystal Proxmire

February 2012

  • Faith initiative launches to a full house – Crystal Proxmire
  • Reaching Out to Families with LGBT Members – Mary Ellen & Casey Lopata
  • A Modus Vivendi – Patricia Hampl, Luke Timothy Johnson
  • The Blessing of Having a Gay Family Member or Friend –Weekly Wine Press
  • Roman Catholic Bishops and the Loss of Innocents – James Lopata

January 2012

  • Listening Parents Network grows—Lopata
  • A Priest Who “Gets It”—Farrell
  • How Catholic was Clinton’s speech?—DeBernardo
  • A solid fit?: Church teaching and human dignity—Cones
  • The Best of 2011: The Year in Review—DeBernardo
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