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The Fortunate Families newsletter is published 8 to 10 times yearly. It includes up-to-date news concerning lesbian and gay Catholics and their parents, thought-provoking articles, stories from parents and others, and a calendar of events.

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December 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • 65 million reasons to be thankful: Bishops struggling to promote their narrow vision of marriage – Nicole Sotelo
  • Dear bishop … continued
  • A step toward ‘a more perfect union’ – Deb Price
  • Remarkable people, powerful stories – Jackie Frett
  • Catholic LGBT ministries address a particular need–Often with the involvement of PFLAG parents – Jerry Furlong

November 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Readers write to Bishops about USCCB draft of marriage pastoral
  • Dear Bishop… (excerpts)

October 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • More Listening Parents added to Network
  • A Father’s Day Gift–for a Mother – Mary-Ellen Mohring
  • Other people’s judgments – John Corvino
  • Always and everywhere? – John Corvino
  • Blessings!!! – Terri & Rich Dalke
  • Family Day 2009 Proclamation – Barack Obama
  • Suggestions for Assessing Gay and Lesbian Related Legislation – Casey & Mary Ellen Lopata
  • Fortunate Families Board realignment

September 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Being a Listening Parent–Cheryl Restaino
  • Catholics Embracing the Gay Community–Marianne Bosch
  • Same-sex marriage and naked political calculations–Saqib Ali Maryland House of Delegates member
  • An insight into the Blessed Mother–Patty Kean
  • Gay Marriage and the Constitution–David Boies
  • Insufficient evidence that sexual orientation change efforts work, says APA–APA PRESS RELEASE, August 5, 2009
  • Signs point to a gay-friendly Sotomayor–Deb Price

August 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Fortunate Families farewell and welcome
  • Dusty feet disciples from Deb Word
  • What do you think Jesus?–Deacon Al Symonanis
  • Parents of homosexuals speak in Catholic High Schools in Cleveland Diocese–Ann Hoenigman
  • “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out…” (Isaiah 42:3)–Steve Balog
  • Four times in two weeks: A reflection–Special to Fortunate Families by Fr. Paul Poupard

June 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Listening Parents Network update
  • Priest supports Memphis non-discrimination bill–Valentine Handwerker
  • For gay couples, married matters–Stephen Smith
  • Souter proves a gay rights surprise–Deb Price
  • Speaking up–Shirley Newman
  • Read page 36. They just cut Prop 8 to the bone.–Seneca Doane
  • Gay penguin dads in German zoo hatch their first chick–Lindsay Barnett

May 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Listening Parents Network to expand
  • Story of a Listening Parent–Joan Abele
  • Hoping for a warmer Mother’s Day–John Corvino
  • Gathering storm–John Corvino
  • This won’t happen again!–Jackie Frett
  • Welcome to the (potluck) banquet–Deb Word
  • Good Friday–Jennifer Venasco

April 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Did you know…??
  • marriage has already been redefined.
  • More did you know…??
  • Ousted flight nurse proves gays don’t hurt morale–Deb Price

March 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Listening Parents Network – how it’s going–Casey Lopata
  • Strategies for Making Gay and Lesbian People and their Families Feel Welcome in Your Parish
  • Redefining Marriage? Or Expanding It?–John Corvino
  • The Transgender Child—by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper–book review by Joni Watke Stacy
  • Play Nice Folks–James Kirchick
  • Always Our Children–Bulletin insert from Notre Dame Parish, Clarendon Hills, IL

February 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Fortunate Families Listening Parents Network– How it came about and how you can help–Casey Lopata
  • A Prayer for the Nation and Our Next President, Barack Obama–The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson
  • Gene Robinson’s scary prayer–John Corvino
  • Letter to His Eminence–Members of Steering Committee St. Matthew Comunidad
  • Excerpt: White House website Civil Rights page
  • Will new GOP chairman reach out to gays?–Deb Price

January 2009

  • Words to ponder
  • Fortunate Families announces new support for parents of gay children
  • Vatican opposition to U.N declaration to decriminalize homosexuality–Casey Lopata
  • Excerpt from DignityUSA 12-8-08 Press Release:  Gay Catholics & Allies Protest Vatican Opposition to Decriminalizing Homosexuality
  • DignityUSA/New Ways Ministry/Call To Action joint statement 12-8-08
  • Text of the U.N. declaration Holy See response to the Declaration On Sexual Orientation delivered Dec. 18 to the U.N General Assembly
  • Dec. 11, 2008 Letter fromPatrick J. Vera H. Nugent to their Bishop (with permission)
  • Americans embrace gayfriendly proposals–Deb Price
  • Finding our place–Jackie Frett
  • Research Links Poor Health Of LGB Youth To Family Rejection
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