2008 Newsletters

The Fortunate Families newsletter is published 8 to 10 times yearly. It includes up-to-date news concerning lesbian and gay Catholics and their parents, thought-provoking articles, stories from parents and others, and a calendar of events.

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December 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • Listening Parents Network – Coming Soon—Casey Lopata
  • Family Life: Fortunate Families—Tom Fox (NCR)
  • Despite challenges, savor this year’s blessings—Deb Price
  • The Empty Tomb: Cardinal Newman’s last laugh?—David Gibson
  • Gay penguins steal eggs from straight couples
  • Fortunate Families year-end appeal

November 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • The sin of heterosexism?—Casey Lopata
  • Always Our Children Springfield Massachusetts Awarded Grant
  • Grace and gratitude abound where love and forgiveness live—Kay Skonieczny
  • Queer Town:  Catholic Fall Out Over Proposition 8—Patrick Range McDonald
  • From the Episcopal Bishop of San Diego—The Rt. Rev. James R. Mathes
  • Catholics Support Marriage Rights and Responsibilities for Same-Gender Couples During the Meeting of the U.S. Bishops
  • Hope springs eternal for LGBT Phillies fans—Matthew E. Pilecki

October 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • California priest: ‘bishops wrong on same-sex marriage ban’—Chuck Colbert
  • A Statement of the Catholic Bishops of California in Support of Proposition 8
  • From the bottom of my heart
  • Union-Tribune Editorial No on Prop. 8
  • End gay adoption ban—Palm Beach Post Editorial
  • Offended by homily?  Write!—Deb Word
  • Partner benefits for gay federal workers makes sense—Deb Price

September 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • My Big Fat Straight Wedding—Andrew Sullivan
  • Moving Cardinal Newman’s body runs into controversy—Dennis Coday
  • Mitcham wins gold!—Cyd Zeigler jr
  • Gay medal count—Ryan Quinn
  • Gay advocate criticizes cardinal’s remarks to Anglicans—Tom Roberts
  • Always Our Children: Accepting God’s Plan and the Church’s Ministry—Jackie Frett

August 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • Thank you for your love: A ministry grows in Brooklyn—Rosemary Grebin Palms
  • Rite or Right: Civil Discussion In Order—Thomas J. Reese
  • Position Paper on Courage—Casey Lopata
  • GLAAD series suggests way to more effectively discuss issues of LGBT justice with undecided Americans—Jerry Furlong

July 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • When I Came Out to My Mother—Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues
  • Bishop urges gays to walk into faith storm—Deb Price
  • First GayPride Marching Experience—Kathleen Conneen
  • An Overview of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate—David Masci

May 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • Write the Bishops? Why Bother??—Joe Gentilini
  • Educating Educators—Ann Franczyk
  • Pope waves to gay Catholic group—Lou Chibbaro Jr.
  • Gay Catholics send letters to Pope

April 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • Conscience–some relevant notes–compiled by Casey Lopata
  • Bulletin ministry
  • My many blessings …–Susan Kolb
  • A place at the table–Deb Word

March 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • Dear Pope … —Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata
  • Terrifying Tango:  Religious Right Horrified by the March of the (Gay) Penguins—Rob Boston
  • Let’s Talk About Homosexuality—feedback
  • What Straights Can Learn From Gays About Relationships and Parenting—Robert Jay-Green
  • God Spoke Via Mass. Court—Robert A. Bernstein
  • The joy of giving ourselves—Timothy Radcliffe

February 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • Dear Pope …
  • Ministry development opportunity
  • Love within a family is what counts—Chester Franczyk
  • Let’s Talk about Homosexuality—educational series
  • Still dissenting after all these years—The Tablet
  • For thousands of years—Chris Thomas
  • Lost and found in the Catholic Church—CITY newspaper

January 2008

  • Words to ponder
  • Let’s Talk about Homosexuality—educational series
  • What’s this new sin called complicity?—Ann DeGroot
  • Being called out, again—Steve Balog
  • Law within limits—The Tablet
  • Let Me Sow Love—Jackie Frett
  • An activist?—Tom Nelson
  • Excerpt from Parents Voice Project survey report
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