2006 Newsletters

The Fortunate Families newsletter is published 8 to 10 times yearly. It includes up-to-date news concerning lesbian and gay Catholics and their parents, thought-provoking articles, stories from parents and others, and a calendar of events.

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December 2006

  • Letters to bishops offering dialogue
  • Stay the Course? – Commonweal editorial
  • Parents Voice Project Survey News – data summary
  • Epiphany on Brokeback Mountain – time for an Epiphany?
  • Emmaus Retreat presentation – a father’s reflection
  • Open letter to Bishop Morlino – from people in his Madison (WI) Diocese
  • Milwaukee Priests Alliance statement – concerning ballot initiatives
  • Vatican Considers the “Lesser of Two Evils” – from Michael Bayly’s Blog
  • Tolerance at schools may help stem the ‘brain drain’ – impact of gay teachers as role models

November 2006

  • Dear Bishop…Letters…edited
  • Message to Fortunate Families readers
  • Feedback–excerpts
  • NACDLGM statement

October 2006

  • Parents: Questions for your Bishop
  • Press release from the USCCB: ‘Guidelines for Ministry to Persons with Homosexual Inclination on Catholic Bishops’
  • Letter to a bishop
  • A special note to parents
  • Parents Voice Project Note # 1

September 2006

  • Parents Voice Project Survey Update
  • Kidnapped in Iraq: The Closet or Death
  • Extending family
  • New Ways Ministry Symposium

August 2006

  • Parents Voice Project Survey News
  • NACDLGM Conference – 2006
  • Emmaus: 2006
  • Out and Proud
  • A Reality Check
  • Editorial Note to press: Being Christian is not anti-gay
  • Pity the Bigots

July 2006

  • Group challenges ban on gay men as priests
  • To Welcome a Child: Gay Couples and Adoption
  • Open letter to Cardinal O’Malley and MA Bishops
  • Detroit project puts a face on gay Catholics
  • Seeing with Heart—Toronto 2006

June 2006

  • Parents Voice Project
  • Always Our Children: Hope amongst the mixed messages
  • Gay Clergy: Brothers, Display Those Candles!
  • The Good Shepherd of Brokeback Mountain
  • Catholics can “firmly agitate” within the church

April 2006

  • Gay adoption – reader feedback excerpts
  • Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute report
  • Women 1, Boys 0
  • In the Dark about Gays
  • NACDLGM Conference

March 2006

  • Gay adoption – your thoughts? / Background
  • MA bishops on adoption
  • Vatican CDF on gay adoption
  • Curran on public policy and gay, lesbian unions
  • Info in support of gay adoption
  • Adopting ‘gravely immoral’ ideologies
  • It’s about public policy
  • Quebec priests open letter
  • NACDLGM Conference

February 2006

  • Why this gay Roman Catholic stays in church
  • Comments on Papal encyclical on love
  • Pope comes out in favor of gay marriage — almost
  • Celibate gay priest resigns as chaplain
  • Fish pin ministry
  • Mama
  • Acceptance of gay son
  • We’re 501(c)(3)!
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