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The Fortunate Families newsletter is published 8 to 10 times yearly. It includes up-to-date news concerning lesbian and gay Catholics and their parents, thought-provoking articles, stories from parents and others, and a calendar of events.

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December 2011

  • Open Letter to USCCB — Duddy-Burke
  • Excerpts from letters re: Boston Pilot column
  •  Why good Catholics are challenging church line on Homosexuality –Hornbeck
  • Bishop faces tough question on difference between interacial, same sex marriage –McElwee (NCR)
  • Petition Delivery — Pluecker
  • Did you know…???
  • Thanks!
  • Calenday
  • Syracuse Parish honors Fr. Mychal Judge

November 2011

  • Onward and Upward!!! By Linda Karle-Nelson, President
  • What if the ‘good guys’ apologized? By Brian Cahill, former executive director San Francisco Catholic Charities
  • Is same-sex marriage really priority number one? By Scott Alessi
  • As We Go To Press … By James A. Lopata Editor-in-Chief Boston Spirit Magazine (Boston)
  • Catholic Social Teaching and Bullying: A Call to Action By Joseph Amodeo
  • Homily – Fr. Brian Doran Delivered at the mass to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles Archdiocesan Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Catholics

October 2011

  • Time to talk about sexuality in the Catholic Church By Paul Lakeland
  • The Catholic Mom… Presentation by Deb Word at Fordham’s Sept. 16 conference, “Learning to Listen: Voices of Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church.”
  • One Parent’s Story By Erma Durkin
  • Affirming Ministry By Fr. Howard Hall
  • A Prayer When I Feel Hated

September 2011

  • Fortunate Families: Taking Stock By Linda Karle Nelson, President, and Casey Lopata, Vice-President
  • Listening Parents Network: Still going Strong By Casey Lopata
  • Witnessing a Catholic samesex wedding By Jamie L Manson, July 27, 2011
  • Generations at Odds: The Millennial Generation and the Future of Gay and Lesbian Rights August 29, 2011

August 2011

  • Bad Faith: The Catholic Hierarchy’s Pointless Campaign Against LGBT Rights By Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata
  • Taking “Always Our Children” Seriously By Casey Lopata

July 2011

  • Listening Parents Network Expansion By Linda Karle Nelson
  • Dignity Couple Honored for Commitment to Transgender Rights By Peggy Hayes and Dave Houle, Dignity/Boston
  • Fear of same-sex marriage has collapsed By Mark Hare
  • Bishops condemn NY marriage law, other Catholics celebrate By Joshua J. McElwee and Zoe Ryan, NCR, Jul. 05, 2011
  • Diocesan Outreach Booth at Pride Festival By Joyce [pictured above] and John Buchanan, St John Vianney Parent Support Group
  • Letter to the Editor — Butvick
  • Dear Holy Father – European Forum of LGBT Christians in Rome

June 2011

  • Words to ponder
  • Bishops’ redefinition of marriage By Casey Lopata
  • Religious Liberty vs. Same- Sex Marriage: Is There Really a Conflict? By Marianne T. Duddy-Burke
  • Why let bishops drive us from church we love? Former San Francisco Catholic Charities head: ‘It’s our church!’ By Brian Cahill
  • What the Bible doesn’t say By John Corvino,
  • Gay Marriage Opponents Now in Minority By Nate Silver,
  • Chicago Tribune Letter

May 2011

  • Words to ponder
  • Positive Catholic Congressional Briefing on LGBT Rights by Maureen Fiedler
  • DignityUSA Co-Sponsors Historic Congressional Briefing: A Catholic Call to Justice for the LGBT Community (excerpts) By Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director, DignityUSA
  • My gay son: the face of church’s lack of respect By Brian Cahill
  • Mexican bishop tells gays, lesbians: ‘The church is your home’ By David Agren, Catholic News Service
  • Gay Marriage Opponents Now in Minority By Nate Silver,
  • Report: Catholic Attitudes on Gay and Lesbian Issues: A Comprehensive Portrait from Recent Research

March-April 2011

  • Words to ponder
  • Maryland Catholics support same-sex marriage, extending legal protections to all families By Francis DeBernardo
  • Catholics play key roles in Maryland marriage equality debate By Thomas C. Fox
  • Testimony: Maryland State Capitol By Erma M. Durkin
  • “Nunc Dimittis” By Steve Balog
  • It began with a phone call… By Linda Karle Nelson
  • The Missing Fish By Tony Garascia

February 2011

  • Words to ponder
  • Holy Spirit…A dove or a goose? By Linda Karle Nelson, President, Fortunate Families
  • A mom’s letter to Bishop Michael Sheridan Jan. 25, 2011 letter responding to the Colorado Springs Diocese starting a 12-step program for LGBT Catholics
  • Remembering the Self- Violence on the Transgender Day of Remembrance By Pete Subkoviak
  • The Human Dimension The pope on condoms Dec. 17, 2010 Commonweal editorial
  • Parents of gay children should push their churches By Mark Hare, January 6, 2011
  • Change we can believe in: The pope, condoms, and church teaching December 27, 2010. By U.S. Catholic Online Editor, Bryan Cones

January 2011

  • Words to ponder
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!! By Linda Karle-Nelson President, Fortunate Families
  • A Rehearsal Dinner Toast for Charlie and Greg By Bob Comiskey
  • After Going Fishing… By Sheila Nelson
  • A Gay Man’s Dilemma — RCIA: Yes or No?
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