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The Fortunate Families newsletter is published 8 to 10 times yearly. It includes up-to-date news concerning lesbian and gay Catholics and their parents, thought-provoking articles, stories from parents and others, and a calendar of events.

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December 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • What a Weekend It Was… By Linda Karle-Nelson President, Fortunate Families
  • Friday Night Introductions By Tom Nelson
  • Saturday Panels By Deb Word
  • Using Our Stories to Build a More Welcoming Church By Ron Ohmann
  • Reflections on the Fortunate Families Conference
  • A welcome change in tone from the Vatican By Allen Rose, Dec 02, 2010

November 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • Fortunate Families Conference
  • On sexual orientation, it’s time for the church to join the bandwagon By Mike Sweitzer-Beckman,
  • Knights, Minnesota archbishop endanger church neutrality By Nicole Sotelo,
  • Letter to Archbishop Nienstedt
  • Catholics for Equality launched
  • Do We Discriminate? By Deacon Al Symonanis

October 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • Equally Blessed unites Catholic Voices for Marriage Equality, Justice
  • To Be or Not to Be A CATHOLIC transgender SPEAKS By Hilary Howes
  • Dear Editor …
  • The invention of marriage By John Corvino
  • Focus on the Family Goes After LGBT Students By Maureen Costello

September 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • Marriage: sacraments and politics By Mary E. Hunt, NCR, Jul. 10, 2010
  • All are beloved children of God By Bishop Matthew Clark, Diocese of Rochester
  • How big is your table? By Deb Word
  • Same-sex Marriage: “Finding of Facts”

July 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • A Parent’s Journey By Linda Karle Nelson, President, Fortunate Families
  • How would Jesus handle firing a lesbian theology teacher? By Susan Greene, Denver Post
  • Catholic Organizations Challenge Firing of Lesbian Religion Teacher A Joint Statement from the leaders of Call To Action, Fortunate Families, DignityUSA, and New Ways Ministry
  • Same-sex marriage is about fairness By William McKenzie
  • Caught in the crossfire By Nicole Sotelo, National Catholic Repoter, June 10, 2010
  • Renting while gay By Deb Price, with author’s permission.
  • A gay adventure By Deb Price, June 2, 2010 With author’s permission

June 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • Fortunate Families expands board, elects new officers
  • Fortunate Families challenges USCCB position on ENDA
  • Thought for the Day, 17 May 2010 by Clifford Longley
  • Call To Action Stories By David Saavedra
  • Who Speaks for Catholics? By Jeannine Gramick
  • Why a Pride Booth for Roman Catholics? By David Kennedy

May 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • Joining Hands-Reaching Out. Fortunate Families gathering of parents, Oct. 22-24!
  • Parents live rule: God doesn’t make mistakes by Ed Langlois
  • Is homosexuality connected to pedophilia by John Corvino,
  • From silence to advocacy – one family’s story by Marianne M. Buccini,
  • Catholic policy toward gays misguided by Susie and Randy Roth

April 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • Fortunate Families gathering of parents planned for Oct. 22-24!
  • Fortunate Families Listening Parents Network growing
  • A teaching that is disordered – An NCR Editorial. Feb. 15, 2010
  • A Place at the Marianist Table 2010 by Beth Garascia
  • Dear (Boulder) pastor
  • Gays need allies to turn up the volume By Deb Price
  • Fortunate Families cosponsors ad decrying action against children of Colorado lesbian couple By Jerry Furlong
  • CODA: HETERO HERO Hope from a Catholic Mom by Chuck Colbert

February 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • Listening Parents Network Update
  • New Jersey gay marriage bill: An unhappily unmarried mom weighs in By Joan Garry
  • Coming Home: A gay Christian speaks to fundamentalists by Jonathan Odell. Commonweal
  • Dismantling heterosexual privilege by Kara Speltz
  • Testimony against MD House Bill #90 1-28-2010

January 2010

  • Words to ponder
  • Fortunate Sons How two parents of gay sons are breaking down the barriers between Catholicism and gay rights by Jessica Carreras, in “Between the Lines” #1749, 12-3-09, Livonia MI, with permission.
  • Pain and possibility – Being a Catholic parent of gay children by Beth Garascia
  • A decade of wonderfully dizzying progress for gay couples by Deb Price Dec. 9, 2009
  • Mind the gap Which path do we choose when the twain of experience and church teaching don’t meet? by Bryan Cones
  • Family Rejection as a Predictor of Negative Health Outcomes in White and Latino Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Young Adults–A Summary Prepared by Fortunate Families
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