Use of the term: “Queer” on the Fortunate Families Website

You may note in the Listening Parents Network listings that some daughters or sons are identified as “queer” rather than by traditional terms such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. “Queer” has been adopted by some of the LGBT community, especially younger members, as a preferred way of identifying themselves.  They have ‘taken back’ this term from its derogatory use many years ago.   Many use it as an all-encompassing, all-inclusive term, and LGBTQ is now used often in respected publications.

Fortunate Families respects the right of persons to self-identify, so the term “queer” is used when a Listening Parent requests it because that is how their daughter or son identifies.

<b><i>”Some homosexual persons want to be known publicly as gay or lesbian. These terms often express a person’s level of self-awareness and self-acceptance within society. Though you might find the terms offensive because of political or social connotations, it is necessary to be sensitive to how your son or daughter is using them. Language should not be a barrier to building trust and honest communication.” [“Always Our Children,” p.6]</i></b>

The same rationale applies if “queer” is substituted for “gay or lesbian.”

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